Roundtable "Potential of OSS for ATM" - Jointly organized by CALIBRE and EUROCONTROL
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OSS Glossary

CeCILL: Cea Cnrs Inria Logiciel Libre (license)

COTS: Commercial Off The Shelf Software (category)

FLOSS: Freely Licenced Open Source Software (category)

GPL: GNU General Public License (license)

IPR: Intellectual Property Rights (legal domain)

OMG: Object Management Group (community)

OSIFE: Open Source Implications For EUROCONTROL (project)

SSS: Secondary Software Sector (category)

W3C: World Wide Web Consortium (community)

ATM Glossary

ACAS: Airborne Collision Avoidance System (tool)

ADS: Automatic Dependant Surveillance (tool)

ANSP: Air Navigation Service Provider (service)

ARTAS: ATC Radar Tracker And Server (tool)

ASM: Air Space Management (domain)

ASTERIX: EUROCONTROL format for radar data (standard)

ATC: Air Traffic Control (domain)

ATFM: Air Traffic Flow Management (domain)

ATM: Air Traffic Management (domain)

BADA: EUROCONTROL Base of Aircraft DAta (tool)

CTAS: Center TRACON Automation System (tool)

CFMU: EUROCONTROL Central Flow Management Unit (service)

CMB: Combined PSR + SSR radar (tool)

CRCO: EUROCONTROL Central Route Charges Office (service)

CHIPS: Commercial Highly Interactive problem Solver (tool)

CNS: Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance (domain)

DA: CTAS Descent Advisor (tool)

D2: CTAS Direct To (tool)

DFS: ANSP in Germany (company)

EURET: CTAS Conflict detection tool (tool)

ESCAPE: ATC simulator developed by EUROCONTROL-EEC (tool)

GPS: Global Positioning System (tool)

FAST: CTAS Final Approach Spacing Tool (tool)

FAA: USA Federal Aviation Authority (organization)

FDPS: Flight Data Processing System (tool)

ILS: Instrument Landing System (tool)

ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organization (organization)

No Go Zone: Area with high probability of conflict (tool)

Mode-S: Radar protocol for interrogation of a specific aircraft (standard)

NATS: ANSP in England (company)

PSR: Primary Surveillance Radar (tool)

RAMS: Fast-time simulator developed by EUROCONTROL-EEC (tool)

RTCA: Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (organization)

RVSM: Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (project)

SSR: Secondary Surveillance Radar (tool)

TCAS: Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System (tool)

TP: aircraft Trajectory Prediction (tool)

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